Jenny will often say that she is as much in love with the process of creating her work as the finished piece itself.

Each of her pieces is a one-of-a-kind original, created with the ancient Lost-Wax Casting method. The process begins with a model that she first sculpts in wax, most often using a micro-crystalline wax that is sticky and unforgiving but very pliable, and perfect for constructing delicate-looking pieces.

Over the next few days, she will make a temporary, plaster-like mold called an "investment" around the model, burn out the wax, heat the investment in a kiln, and then (the fun part), with the use of an oxy-propane torch, she will hand-pour molten metal from a crucible into the mold.

Finally, there is the cleanup and finishing work, which in some cases, can take almost as much time as the initial sculpting. This multi-step process occurs over several days even for a single piece.